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6 Questions to our CEOs

6 Questions to our CEOs

1. How did the 3DX Alliance start? What was your motivation to join the 3DX Alliance?

1. How did the 3DX Alliance start? What was your motivation to join the 3DX Alliance?
István Nadj (CAD-Terv): We all had cooperated individually. Through these cooperations the relationship between the managers grew better and better. Many years ago at the bar of the President Club in Mauritius the idea was created and after this trip the 3DX Alliance was founded. The main motivation to be part of the 3DX Alliance is that I believe together we are stronger.

Günther Müller (EBM): The initiative for the 3DX Alliance goes back to the two companies Schwindt and Technodat. After IBS, CAD-Terv and Helbling, we were asked whether we would be open to work together. As we serve many customers who operate internationally, we saw the opportunity to offer these customers added value through the 3DX Alliance.

Michael List (helbling): As one of the new members in the alliance, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the group as the successor of a founding member. I cannot say too much about how it started, but I am very happy with the spirit and the partnership I find today..

Johann Scholtysik (IBS Poland): 3DX Allaince is an idea of passionate people who believe in the innovation of the 3DExperience platform and by working together, accelerating the digital transformation of customers has become more possible. Our motivation to join the 3DX Alliance was the growth and further development of our company. The prospect of collaborating with similar-minded partners to expand our business was particularly appealing.

Ralf Seidler (SCHWINDT DIGITAL): The 3DX Alliance is a community based on mutual trust among the six individual members from seven countries. As the goals and nature of the 3DX Alliance evolved over the last decade; we decided to officially strengthen our collaboration with a declaration and a formal contract that permits us to act as a single, unified entity. Furthermore, the individual owners have incorporated the purpose and ideals of the Alliance within all areas of service in their respective organizations. The changes within the member companies are remarkable: the development of new market perspectives and innovative solutions. We are working in an incredibly complex and challenging environment in which we see market adjustments being made among both our customers and competitors alike. The 3DX Alliance strengthens all of its members by providing a solid base for combined expertise to be shared and benefit all as well as the motivation for further growth of individual members, such as SCHWINDT DIGITAL, in the PLM market.

Roman Lisičan (TECHNODAT): The story of the 3DX Alliance started at the DS President Club on Mauritius in 2012 with the friendship of two CEOs who wanted to cooperate. Over the years, they formed a club of CEOs of an additional five companies, and it developed to the point of an official announcement of the 3DX Alliance in 2022. Our motivation is to help each other in business and transformation into 3DEXPERIENCE companies.

2. How do your customers benefit from the 3DX Alliance partnership?

2. How do your customers benefit from the 3DX Alliance partnership?
Günther Müller (EBM): There are a number of advantages for our customers: the 3DX Alliance offers more experience and comprehensive know-how as well as greater resources for PLM projects and cross-border coordination of international projects with a single point of contact.
István Nadj (CAD-Terv): After we have decided to promote the association, we have started the communication to our customers too. We as CAD-Terv have also nice references, however the size of the company is always a question mark by bigger companies. They have understood that they can benefit from the experience of the 3DX Alliance and that behind us are hundreds of experts who support our activity if necessary.

Michael List (helbling): The trustful collaboration between the member partners allows us to access proven experts in a large variety of topics and solutions. So no matter what the customer challenge may be, we have the possibility of providing the best possible service through our network.

Johann Scholtysik (IBS Poland): Customers of the 3DX Alliance partnership benefit from access to a wide range of resources and expertise, facilitated growth through collaborative efforts, tailored solutions with global expertise, and simplified implementation. Through this partnership, customers can achieve sustainable expansion and success in the digital age with confidence and support from a trusted network of industry leaders. We can handle international projects by delivering the same products to different locations..

Ralf Seidler (SCHWINDT DIGITAL): Our customers are also globally focused and increasingly seek end to end solutions for digital product development. Our global network with local expertise and cultural knowledge enables us to address and implement projects on a customer-specific basis. Speaking the local language is a key success factor in understanding customer requirements..

Roman Lisičan (TECHNODAT): The customers benefit from services enriched by shared global knowledge in digital transformation delivered locally, as well as from a more powerful and reliable partner capable of serving customers distributed within central Europe.

3. What specific goals are you pursuing through the 3DX Alliance?

3. What specific goals are you pursuing through the 3DX Alliance?
Johann Scholtysik (IBS Poland): Our primary goal is to extend the footprint and accessibility of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform within European and global markets, becoming the top provider and implementation partner for Dassault Systèmes solutions. Furthermore, we are committed to delivering top-tier solutions and services that drive digital transformation for local and global clients across industries.r.

István Nadj (CAD-Terv): We are working on making the transformation of the customers as easy as possible. We simplify the digitalization for all.

Günther Müller (EBM): In the 3DX Alliance, each partner has defined specific subject areas in which they deepen their expertise and make it available to the other partners. This enables us to offer our customers consulting and services even in extensive and complex PLM projects..

Michael List (helbling): To provide the right services End-to-End for our customers, it is important to have a wide range of expert knowledge. Working together and sharing competences to best advise our customers is one of the strengths of the 3DX Alliance and the goal to pursue

Ralf Seidler (SCHWINDT DIGITAL): The utilization of synergies among member companies. The exchange of knowledge between specialists in international competence centers. The implementation of best-in-class solutions to benefit customers. The acquisition of new customers who likewise value process optimization, want to not only grow but ensure the longevity of their business success.

Roman Lisičan (TECHNODAT): The main goal is to achieve sustainable growth through cooperation in coordinated sales and sharable capacities for service.

4. In which specific areas or projects are the members of the 3DX Alliance collaborating?

4. In which specific areas or projects are the members of the 3DX Alliance collaborating?
Michael List (helbling): Marketing and Sales activities, Best Practice definitions and technical competence teams are all areas that we are collaborating. The respective teams define and align the activities so that the power of the group is more than the sum of all single players.
István Nadj (CAD-Terv): Besides the strong management collaboration our teams in sales, marketing and consultancy level working very close together. We collaborate in common activities and campaigns across Europe. We support each other with effort transfer or with solutions by specific projects. Or we are solving the needs of customers together in any kind of combination of our efforts.

Günther Müller (EBM): One aim of the 3DX Alliance is to make multiple use of existing skills and resources. If one partner creates a solution for a task, it is available to the other partners. This avoids multiple efforts for one and the same problem. One example is the widget exchange: before a partner programs a new widget, he checks the widget exchange to see whether a suitable widget already exists. If so, he can offer his customer the solution more quickly and at an attractive price.

Johann Scholtysik (IBS Poland): Apart from our effective management collaboration, our teams at the sales, marketing, and consultancy levels operate in close synergy. We engage in joint activities and campaigns, supporting each other with resources, expertise and providing solutions for specific projects. Additionally, we work together to meet customer needs, blending our efforts to deliver customized solutions that precisely match their requirements. This collaborative spirit shows the strength of our partnership in delivering comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Ralf Seidler (SCHWINDT DIGITAL): We strive to collaborate in every facet of corporate development. Our collaboration is formally organized according to: strategy (Leaders Group), sales and marketing for uniform market penetration and project implementation (fulfilment team) to develop the most effective technical and organizational solutions. In principle, the results are incorporated into every customer project.

Roman Lisičan (TECHNODAT): The areas of collaboration are the coordination of sales activities for distributed companies within the territory, sharing technical knowledge and information and utilization of technical staff in projects as technical back office.

5. How does the 3DX Alliance help you in your day-to-day business?

5. How does the 3DX Alliance help you in your day-to-day business?
Ralf Seidler (SCHWINDT DIGITAL): There are daily decisions to be made that are coordinated among the individual teams. Everyone assumes the role of both recipient and sparring partner.
István Nadj (CAD-Terv): The 3DX Alliance supports us to reach our goal to make our customers satisfied in their day-to-day business.

Günther Müller (EBM): In addition to specific joint projects, which are driven forward by project teams, there is an ongoing exchange of information and experience in the areas of sales, marketing, consulting and software development. I can ask the managing directors of the other partners for their advice on challenging tasks at any time.

Michael List (helbling): Anytime there is a hurdle that we must tackle, we know there are good and knowledgeable partners in our group that can support us in finding a solution. After all, to combine the competence of the 3DX Alliance partners and make more by collaboration, is one of the main reasons the 3DX Alliance was founded.

Johann Scholtysik (IBS Poland):The 3DX Alliance plays a crucial role in supporting our day-to-day business activities by providing access to resources, fostering collaboration, expanding our reach, and enhancing support. This collective effort helps us to achieve our business goals more effectively and efficiently while simultaneously reducing the organization's costs.

Roman Lisičan (TECHNODAT): The 3DX Alliance helps in many areas, starting from marketing and sales, where we can present ourselves as one company of a large virtual enterprise to almost daily interaction among technical staff in searching for solutions to some technical issues.

6. What are you looking forward to in 2024?

6. What are you looking forward to in 2024?
Roman Lisičan (TECHNODAT): I look forward to supporting constantly improving cooperation among multiple teams and possible common customer projects of a large customer..
István Nadj (CAD-Terv): We have already planned common activities and campaigns. I believe that this cooperation will support all partner‘s customer base. This is what we are looking for, because this is the key for the growth of our customers and at the end the key for development of the 3DX Alliance.

Günther Müller (EBM): Following preparations last year, we will introduce tools and processes in key areas in 2024 that will lead to further standardization and simplification of collaboration.

Michael List (helbling): Using our collaboration in the alliance to help our customers to solve problems, coming up with extraordinary solutions and shape their base for the future.

Johann Scholtysik (IBS Poland): In 2024, we are looking forward to a year of continued growth, expanding our business operations to reach new markets and attract more customers. Our goal is to provide exceptional value to our customers, ensuring their ongoing satisfaction and success. As the business evolves, we're ready to adapt and thrive, seizing new growth opportunities. Together with our partners, we make decisions regarding investments in new areas with the aim of expanding the range of solutions offered. Additionally, we are focused on strengthening our partnerships. The coming years of cooperation within 3DX Alliance bring further benefits. 2024 is certainly the year of digital transformation for our customers, who can smoothly move through this process with a strong sense of security thanks to 3DXAlliance. Overall, 2024 holds promise for growth, innovation, and success, and we are enthusiastic about the opportunities that lie ahead

Ralf Seidler (SCHWINDT DIGITAL): In 2024, we expect a tremendous amount of movement and decisions to be made in the market across various industries and particularly in our core market, the automotive industry. Together, as a unified force, we are exceptionally well-positioned to identify, absorb and implement all requirements for our customers to achieve operational excellence. Together, with our partner Dassault Systèmes, we will empower customers to take the next - and arguably decisive - step toward implementing virtual twins, a crucial component to achieving best-in-class product development.

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